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Baghdad International Airport Hotel

Our services and projects expanded to include Management and services for property and Hotels. We provide comprehensive hotel management, furnishing, operations and many other services for hotels throughout the country. From hotel property operation to innovative services, we drive revenue, supported with our top management skills to ultimately increase your hotel's bottom line.

The total package! Everything we do is wrapped up and waiting to be delivered to your hotel. Besides offering you complete turnkey management services.

Bagdad Internation Airport Hotel Room
Bagdad International Airport Hotel Bagdad International Airport Hotel
Our projects as a partnership with the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority ( ICAA )
prove that we can deliver on the 3 P's: Performance, Profitability, and Pride for our hotel property owners.

To achieve and reflect that on the ground, we successfully signed a contract with Baghdad International Airport Hotel to furnish and manage their property with the amount of 1.5 million US Dollars, where the hotel consists of 100 rooms, restaurants and shops. The following categories of investments were made: 

  • Furnishing of hotel rooms, which includes all types of furnishings, bedding items and toiletries, as well as oil paintings and lampshades.   
  • Kitchen supplies and restaurant furniture according to the latest international standards.
  • Furnishing the lobby with furniture, curtains and sophisticated sound system. 
  • Furnishing of desks, chairs, computers and information networks and safes.  
  • Maintenance and updating of electrical connections and wiring, beside operation and maintenance of generators.    
  • Maintenance, updating and operating the central air-conditioning system.   
  • Supply and installation of wireless internet system. 
  • Professional advertising plan.  
  • Hiring and training courses for all hotel staff in all facilities.

After this great achievement Baghdad International Airport Hotel has become the first forum for meetings of the Iraqi ministry and also for foreign companies, as most of the airline crews around the world are using it. As a result of the innovations made, the hotel's occupancy rate has reached 85% per week.


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