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Commercial Transportation and Logistics

Sigma TransportationNAC- Sigma Offers a variety of integrated local supply chain services that cater to specific logistics needs, these include supply chain management, transportation, and forwarding. Integrated end-to-end supply chain visibility is offered through NAC-Sigma.

We can assist clients with diverse transportation and logistics service needs that allow a superior level of supply chain flexibility. Our customer benefits include increased efficiency and effectiveness; access to logistics expertise; better coping with complexity; core business focus; and reduction in overall lead-time.

NAC- Sigma has its own fleets of flat beds and containers, which mainly based for transportation of various goods throughout Iraq from north to south,

Our transportation and logistics services are based on clear values: Dependable service, and quality care for your products while in our possession.


Logistics is defined as: "the aspect of military science dealing with the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military material, facilities, and personnel."

While logistics services may once have been focused on the military, many logistics companies focus specifically focus on consumer and corporate logistics needs.

All aspects of Transportation and Logistics for NAC-Sigma
NAC-Sigma is a transportation logistics company capable of handling all aspects of specialized warehousing and transportation logistics needs. From public warehousing services and secure storage solutions to trucking and moving, nationwide, residential moving and corporate relocation services.


Transportation Transportation Transportation

As a transportation & distribution logistics company, we offer:

  • Public Warehousing Services: Filling all your warehousing and distribution logistics needs, our public warehousing management services allows businesses to access secure, modern public storage facilities for storage of stock and inventory. At the same time, our public warehousing services gives access to our national shipping and specialized distribution delivery network.
  • Specialized Transportation Services: From pre-shipment consultation to day-of delivery services, we will select and provide the services you need to ensure that your shipment is handled with care, at a competitive and predictable cost. Our specialized transportation services division provides all services to handle your transportation needs

Specialized Transportation and Shipping Valuation Protection Options
For your high-value shipments, we offer additional valuation protection options for you to be able to protect your items while in transit, offering you great piece of mind while your items are "on the road."

Our Company has the capability of not only doing the implementation of the projects, but also can execute logistics support, equipment and services for companies that require this kind of service, as we are currently catering for Iraq Airways needs of pastries on a daily basis.



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