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Fuel Trading and Distribution

NAC-Sigma has successfully entered the field of fuel trading and distribution starting with investing around 2.2 Million dollars in Iraq with Brothers' fuel station in Baghdad and Tikrit fuel station. Our target is to provide our customers, individuals and professionals with a premium quality services and petroleum products, such as, service-stations, fuel, gasoline, motor oils, low sulphur automotive Diesel fuel for high-speed diesel powered engines, generator sets and other industrial applications, which ensures high grade performance levels.

Fuel Trading and Distribution Fuel Trading and Distribution Fuel Trading and Distribution

At NAC-Sigma, we continually measure and improve our performance in order to exceed expectations and ensure full compliance with all applicable regulatory and health and safety requirements.  We approach every client relationship as a partnership and are committed to being the industry leader in providing high quality services that minimize client costs and liabilities, while setting the standard for innovation and customer-focused solutions.  Integrity and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, associates and host communities are the core values that drive our business.

When our customers face an environmental challenge, they know that NAC-Sigma offers the complete answer.

In this project as NAC-Sigma, our mission is to serve the maximum number of companies operating in the economic zone of Baghdad International Airport, and surrounded areas, taking into account to maintain the high quality.

Since professionalism is our motto, and to maintain the expectations of our customers, we have established an elaborated farm fuel for the storage of fuel, to supply the fuel stations, and to provide companies that are contracted. So we can insure an uninterrupted supply.

As of 2010, over 25,000,000 liters of fuel have been sold out.


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