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Hyundai Motor Company for vehicles and buses has begun its full operation as an agency in Iraq in 2010, and since then it has become one of the most popular industrial Companies within its area. Once again, Hyundai Motor placed in the Top 100 Global Brands in 2010 based on a joint study conducted by Business Week. By enhancing Hyundai’s brand image through high quality products and unique marketing initiatives amidst the downturn in the automotive market, Hyundai Motor is steadily climbing the ranks since it first entered the Top 100 Global Brands in 2005. Hyundai will continue to strengthen its management and pursue the highest in quality so that “Hyundai Motor Company” will equal “global premium brand” in the minds of consumers worldwide.

Precisely In Iraq and responding to our market needs, our plan has been developed  to provide the market with a huge vareity of commercial vehicles and buses. and the selling of industrial and agricultural equipment, tankers, and many different types of trucks, besides selling spare parts for such machinery through stationary and mobile workshops.

Hyundai Bus HYUNDAI Mini Trucks

Commercial vehicles and buses:

  • HD Series (HD45, HD65/72/78): Based on our in-depth knowledge of the domestic and international markets, the HD series has been developed in 2009, specifically for the right hand drive market.
  • Buses: country, aero town, super aero city, universe
  • Bare Chassis for Country, Aero Town, Super Aero City, Aero Express HSX and HD72.
  • Light Commercial: H100 Truck.
  • Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks: Cargo Truck.
  • Special Vehicle:
    • Van Truck: Refrigerated Van, Cool Van, Insulated Van, Dry Van, Eutectic Cold Van, Wing Body, Bottle Carrier.
    • Garbage Truck: Press Pack, Garbage Dump, Arm Roll, Vacuum Lorry, Sewer Cleaner, Road Sweeper.
    • Construction Truck: Dump, Mixer, Concrete Pump Truck
    • Crane Truck: Stiff Crane, Knuckle Crane, Aerial Working Crane, Wrecker
    • Tank Lorry: Fuel Tank Lorry, Water Tank Lorry, Water Sprinkler, Water Cannon.
    • Special Transport: Flat Bed, Car Carrier, Mobile Workshop, Troop Transport Truck, Safety Loader.
    • Special Purpose: Mobile Laundry, Mobile Bath, Fire Fighting Truck, 4WD Truck, Double Cab, Liftable Airsuspension.
    • Buses: Ambulance, Bookmobile, Wheel Chair Lift Bus, Universe Limousine, Universe Toilet, Emergency Bus Door.
NAC-Sigma gathers an After-Sales service, Genuine Spare Parts Shop with a warranty, Quick-Service Garages for Vehicles check-up, battery and filter replacement and many other services, beside Sales Office and Brand New Showroom, which allocated in Baghdad. And we are planning to establish more service centers to cover north and south of Iraq.




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