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Oil Recycling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Recycling of Oil Products:

NAC-Sigma is one of the leaders in this area among all related companies operating in Iraq, with providing an environmental service to prevent the dumping of large quantities of polluting in the environment of Iraq. Therefore we installed a plant for recycling used oil fuel, oil filters and antifreeze, to be used again and marketed to the private sectors. beside cleaning oil water separators and provides automotive and fleet support services for automotive service centers, dealerships, garages and fleets.

we provide turnkey services to pickup, transport and recycle all kinds of used oil.

RefineryComplete Recycling

  • Used oil – Recycled for use as a boiler fuel supplement and is burned in approved industrial furnaces
  • Used antifreeze – We collect used antifreeze in drum and bulk and the antifreeze is re-manufactured for reuse
  • Used oil filters – Residual oil is used as a boiler fuel supplement and is burned in approved industrial furnaces; the scrap metal is recycled
  • Oil water mixtures – Processed to reclaim the oil
  • Used absorbents – Used as supplemental fuel at approved energy recovery sites

Benefits you can find with NAC-Sigma Oil and Oil Products Recycling Services

  • Convenient On Call Service

We can either schedule routine pick-ups at your site or you can call our office when you need service.

  • Competitive Pricing

We provide the most competitive pricing in all areas of service.

  • Limit Your Liability

We remove you from potential liability of contamination being introduced into landfills and ground water sources.

RefineryDisposal of hazardous waste and pollutants:

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), enacted in 1976, define hazardous waste as a liquid, solid, sludge, or containerized gas waste substance that due to its quantity, concentration, or chemical properties may cause significant threats to human health or the environment if managed improperly.
As NAC-Sigma, our target is to be a model company on national and regional level, capable of protecting and sustaining Iraq environmental resources and contributing to a better quality of life.

NAC-Sigma nationwide network of treatment and disposal facilities offers simple, safe and cost-effective solutions for all your hazardous waste streams. From disposal of regulation materials to delisting treatment capabilities to ensure we can provide you with the best option for your specific needs.

In order to safely and effectively treatment, NAC-Sigma has pioneered stringent approval and waste handling procedures that surpass regulatory requirements. Our achievements demonstrate our commitment to providing quality environmental services that exceed customer expectations, protect the environment, ensure safety and maintain compliance with regulatory standards. NAC-Sigma’s advanced treatment technologies, expert services and superior safety practices unmatched in the waste industry.

Since we started in Iraq, we have been the leading provider of environmental management services. We use innovative technologies and services that minimize waste volumes, reduce costs and protect the environment. NAC-Sigma has the flexibility to tailor our services to meet your needs and to ensure superior service.  This combination of technical innovation and flexibility has defined our commitment to setting the industry standard for customer service, associate satisfaction and financial stability.


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