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Scrap Removal
Here at NAC-Sigma we provide a wide range of services from factory and warehouse removal and clearing for businesses nationwide to office and shop removal. We specialize in all types of Scrap removal from scrap metal clearances and the removal of scrap vehicles. We remove your unwanted scrap from anywhere within your facility and dispose of it responsibly according to all legislation and appropriate guidelines.

Scrap RemovalWe provide scrap removal & disposal to both commercial and domestic customers, covering all areas. We understand the importance of environmentally responsible scrap removal & disposal and our aim is to provide a solution for businesses and individuals to get rid of their scrap quickly and easily, and in a responsible manner.

Our focus is to be recycling as much of the material we take away as we can, and properly disposing of anything that we can' through are carefully selected partners.

If you need a reliable trustworthy service - we are the company you are looking for! We will offer you the most competitive prices.

Our scrap removal service covers the clearance, loading & disposal of all types of scrap whether you have an office that needs clearing, to a factory or warehouse, a shop or garage full of clutter that just has to go.

Due to the fact that our company has the logistics to transport equipments and loading, we have executed many contracts to remove scrap from several locations within Iraq, and extend its scope of work includes damaged vehicles and damaged air-conditioning equipment and electrical generators to all kinds of scrap.

Scrap RemovalOur project:

Scrap cutting, removal and resale

NAC-Sigma signed a contract to handle various scrap materials, to include but not limited to vehicles, heavy equipments, building materials, metal, plastic, computers, generators and several types of materials.

Within this project, we provide all the resources to cut, handle, load and prepare the scrap items for resale in the local market.

As of 2010, over 120,000,000 LBS of scrap has been moved and resold.

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