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TYM Agricultural Machinery

TYM for agricultural Machinery has started its full operations as an agency in Iraq in 2011. TYM specializes in heavy-duty vehicles and special machinery, such as construction equipment, agricultural and municipal machinery.

TYM Agricultural Equipment

As known farm tools were once powered by draft animals and human muscle, and activities such as planting and harvesting took days or even weeks to complete. The development of mechanized farming machines beginning in the Industrial Revolution has made it fast and efficient.

The gradual replacement of horses and other draft animals with engines and the development of automatic planting, transplanting and harvesting machines have generally made farming faster and more efficient. Activities that once took armies of workers days now can be performed in hours and those that took hours now take minutes.

The basic types of agriculture machine include tillage machines, sowing machines, transplanters and harvesters. Tillage machines such as plows cut up the soil for planting; sowing machines place seeds in the soil; transplanters move seedlings into the field; and harvesters pick the crops.

Here in TYM you can find a wide range of Agricultural Machinery:

  • TYM Agricultural MachineryTractors: crawler tractor, mini tractor, tractor trailer, walk-behind tractor, wheeled tractor.
  • Tillage: cultivator, harrow, plow, power harrow, ripper, rock picker, roller.
  • Seeding and planting machinery: potato planter , seeder, transplanter.
  •  Fertilization: fertilizer spreader, manure spreader.
  •  Watering and irrigation: irrigation system, self-propelled sprayer, tractor mounted, sprayer, trailed sprayer.
  • Harvesters: beet harvester, forage harvester, harvester, potato harvester, reaper.
  • Postharvest tillage: drying plant, grain cleaner, grain thrower, packing machine, receiving hopper, sorting machine, storage container.
  • Haying: baler, mower.
  • For the livestock sector: forage equipment, silage cutter.
  • Forestry equipment: forwarder, harvester, sawmill, timber transport, wood chipper. 
  • Garden machinery: garden tiller, lawn mower, walk-behind tractor.
  • Forklifts: telescopic loader, wheel loader.
  • Other: conveyor.
  • Spares: control unit, crane, engine, tire, valve, all spares.
  • Attachments:  truck mounted crane, counterweight, bucket, heater, quick coupler, all attachments.

TYM for agricultural machinery has its roots on the international level, taking into consideration  the need for high performance and powerful machines. Over the years TYM introduced a huge range of agricultural Machinery, filling a product void in the Global marketplace.

Over the past years, TYM has continued to expand its product line, with several lines of tractors. TYM has successfully introduced compact construction equipment, turf equipment, lawn and garden equipment, pumps, generators and a variety of Performance-Matched implements and attachments. TYM is now the leading marketer and distributor of all kinds of agricultural machines, offering more than 80 tractor models.

TYM provides you with After-Sales services, Genuine Spare Parts Shop with a warranty, Quick-Service Garages for agricultural Machinery check-up, battery and filter replacement and many other services, beside Sales Office and Brand New Showroom.



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